We build your online business. We grow it together.

We offer end to end services to build your online business ecosystem, if you want us to. In case you need certain elements of that value chain, we pitch in there too.
Right from crafting your brand identity and putting together the value proposition for your customers, bringing you online on our online commerce suite - Flamingo - to managing your customer experiences and reporting the business intelligent data back to your system, we offer a one stop true value online business partnership. With us around, you continue to do what you do best and we do what we do best. A one stop service provider like us also takes responsibility and accountability of business results for you !

Our Competencies

We have dedicated teams and strategic partnerships to handle individual competencies


We have a in-house team that exclusively handles crafting visual brand elements and scripting value proposition of your products/services for your customers. We have a strategic partnership with Vertebrand Management Consulting for complex cases that require Brand make-over or complete brand revitalization.

Web & Mobile Applications Development

Our software development team is well versed with Web App and Mobile App development. We have in-house development capabiltiies in LAMP STACK and technolgies like Angular JS, Node JS. Scrapy etc. We are well versed with Frameworks like Code-Ignitor, Zend, Symphony, DJango, Flask, CherryPY etc.

Digital Marketing

Our creative team has more than 30 years of cumulative experience in creating digital marketing creatives and campaigns. The team is well versed with Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms to promote the campaigns and continuously monitor it for campaign optimization to deliver the expected results. We have a strategic partnership with one of the most admired group of digital and creative artists known as Rangana Artists.

Sales Leadership

Our leadership team has in-depth skills in sales & channel management across sectors. Depending upon the client's objectives and needs, we undertake to set up sales team and processes for our clients that leads and monitor the business objectives.

Web & Cloud Hosting

We are well versed in setting up Amazon Web Services or MS Azure or other Tier 2 web services providers like GoDaddy, BigRock etc. Our solution platforms are hosted in Amazon Cloud as we believe and experience it is the best cloud hosting platform availabel today in terms of security, robustness, economy, granularity and transparency !

Legal & Compliance

Owing to the scope of our services that is in B2C and B2B, we have strategic partnership with Naveen & Associates who are experts in e-commerce, online transaction regulatory and compliance framework. We offer legal consultative assistance to our customers who might require such guidance or services.