Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much. Let us WIN together.

Who can partner with us

We are essentially into SME and MSME space that is the biggest opportunity segment in the commercial world today. At the same time if you have done business in the SME space, you know that it is the most difficult nut to crack as well. There are very few MNC's who have been really successful at the SME space owing to complex decision making, ever-existing cash flow issues topped by its unique resistance to change for anything, leave alone productivity & growth.

We have envisaged and developed the next generation of digital business platforms for SME's that could help them leapfrog into their next level with ease both in their market needs and operational needs. If your portfolio or business services is targeted at this space, we would love to hear from you.

We believe in partnering with passionate entities who would work closely with us to achieve the common D&D (Dreams & Dollars)

Creating a win win

Our Absolute Ideology. Without a WIN-WIN there is always an opportunity lost that might be bigger than we thought. This is the fundamental of our partnership guidelines. We know that we will grow bigger when you will grow big so we work towards that!

We follow 3 principals of creating a win-win :

    1) A true win-win is created when we understand each other's real motivation to travel the farthest together
    2) Transparency and Trust are the fundamental building blocks of a win-win partnership
    3) A win-win means that we have our unique roles and our undiluted responsibilities towards the common goal.

Partnership guidelines

We do have partnership guidelines as we believe that a long lasting partnership sustains on the fundamentals of clarity before we shake hands. Humbly though, our partnership guidelines is not a T&C from us, it is rather an effort to make sure that we don't commit mistakes or expectations that might upset our relationship.

Reach out us and we shall send you the guideline PDF.

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