AI Powered Digital Transformation for Property Developers

Automate. Personalize. Engage. Retain.

About the Platform

    It is a cloud based 'Software As A Service' platform that helps the Real Estate developers in:
  • 1) A customized and branded digital presence on web and mobile
  • 2) Automating & Digitizing their buyer centric processes
  • 3) Giving the discerning buyer exactly what they are looking for and giving them decision making information in a structured manner
  • 4) Managing their real estate in the most efficient way with least possible resources
  • 5) Quick sell their properties and reducing the administrative and marketing costs
  • 6) Tracking Interests, Bookings, Progression and Closures
  • 7) Maintaining post purchase relationships with the buyers in the most effective manner

The scope

    The platform brings in a comprehensive ability for property developers to manage:
  • 1) Far and wide reach to potential buyers
  • 2) Personalized & targeted offers
  • 3) Buyer centric administration
  • 4) Lowest possible marketing costs
  • 4) Process Automation

Who is it for

  • 1) Residential Property Developers
  • 2) Commercial Property Developers

How does it help

    1. It helps in positioning and demonstrating the strengths and services of the company to potential buyers, which builds trust and faith

    Property positioning based on company strength, value added services and people helps tremendously in breaking the ice with potential buyers over competition. It gives a good start to connect with the buyers.

    2. It helps to manage more in lesser time via Automation

    Automation ensures that you are managing more of daily buyer centric administrative activity in lesser time, without errors. This gives you more time to work on ways to enhance customer experiences.

    3. It give your buyers convinience and ease of dealing with you and buying from you plus a lifelong connect

    Having a digital presence on web and mobile means you are giving a reason to your customers to easily connect with you anytime and therefore keep you at the top of their minds. Their individual logins ensures that you have a lifelong connect with them for whenever they need you!

    4. It brings your company to an online marketplace where you could be searched and found with personalized attention

    Ofcourse this feature tremendously helps in gaining more buyers and shortening your revenue cycle. It expands your area of influence and draws far away buyers to your property.

    5. It helps you to reach out to buyers who are looking to buy a property - far and beyond

    An integrated Digital Marketing engine helps you to reach out to a wider audience and position compelling offers for them to start engaging with you.

    6. It helps to engage and retain buyers ensuring 2nd purchase & growing by buyer recommendations

    It gives you advanced SMS and Email marketing features at your fingertips. It helps you run periodical surveys and assess the state of mind of your customers, so that you can make the right business decisions.

    7. It helps to track internal sales team and their performances via AI powered sales CRM

    This is a tremendous feature that ensures you are hitting your targets in time or otherwise alerts you of slipping in red zone. It further minimizes the time your sales team is spending on updating and reporting and maximizes their time building relationship with potential buyers

How user friendly it is

    The platform is very easy to use, easy to operate from smartphone. Help sections are detailed in each page. A 7 days of use makes you near perfect to use the platform to your absolute advantage.

What ROI benefits could you expect

  • 1) Reduced administrative expenses
  • 2) Quick selling cycle
  • 3) Repeat buying
  • 4) Lowest possible marketing costs
  • 5) Maximizing possibility of hitting revenue targets
  • 6) Business intelligent data to make the right decisions to keep your business growing