Companywide Digital Integrated Workflow for SMEs

Integrate. Connect. Enhance

About B-Sage

    It is an Integrated Workflow Software Suite for SME’s that tremendously helps in:
  • 1) Automating & Digitizing Internal workflow of/between various departments/functions/processes
  • 2) Integrating external stakeholders – customers, suppliers, financiers & partners - seamlessly with the company’s strategic directions & day to day operations.

The scope of B-Sage

    The scope of B-Sage is “One Digital Integrated Platform” Integrating, Connecting & Enhancing :
  • 1) Processes
  • 2) Departments
  • 3) Internal Stakeholders
  • 4) External Stakeholders
  • 5) Marketplace (Business Ecosystem)

Who is it for

  • 1) SME’s which acknowledge the power of technology and have the ‘vision and willingness’ to transform to a Digital Enterprise in next 3/5 years
  • 2) SME’s which currently have large scope of workflow automation, or are currently dependent on few disparate software.
  • 3) SME’s which are still highly ‘person’ dependent to drive key organization functions like Operations, Sales, Marketing, Human Resource.
  • 4) SME’s which are forward thinking and want to enhance social collaboration within the employees, enhance team work, minimize daily errors & re-works, improve office productivity, ride on industry best practices, automate majority of processes and build business intelligent dashboards for quick decision making.
  • 5) SME’s who would like to have customized digital solutions depending upon their unique business needs

Specific issues B-Sage solves

    1. Ample of Information Issues
  • most of the communication is dependent on e-mails, some companies may still not have their own domain name email ID’s
  • Internal communications are either hard to retrieve or find and get lost within a few weeks
  • various documents are stored on either emails or local hard-disks and extremely hard to retrieve when there is a need
  • mails from various vendors/people are stacked as is and there is no proper segmentation of mails in order to quickly get to the information when needed
  • most of the critical ( not confidential ) information only rests with few people in the company and takes a substantial time to retrieve when the urgency arrives
  • company frequently experiences substantial delays in getting various kinds of information, documents and several follow-ups or co-ordination are required among employees before getting things done.

  • 2. All Round Productivity Issues
  • typical SME’s have a high jobs to workforce ratio, which means there are more number of work units to be done per day by every employee. This poses serious challenges in productivity specially when the systems and processes are non standardized, manual and archaic – why ? – because most of the worker time goes in fire fighting & untangling daily affairs rather than have time for finding ways to improve contribution, productivity and ideation.
  • companies which experience disorganized and disparate workflows leading to worker doing more follow ups, searches, co-ordination rather invest time in enhancing their work scope.

  • 3. Abundant Manual Processes
  • Most of the processes are manual across – Asset management, Sales management, Document management, Task Management, Project Management, Expense management, Payroll Management etc.
  • Processes being manual leads to loss of information, substantial lead times to retrieve information for management reporting or audit therefore takes up human resources to work on retrieval of information, also leads to errors and difficult to monitor leakages and misrepresentations

  • 4. Lack of Benchmark / Standardization
  • companies looking to standardize processes and incorporate benchmarks that have been proven in the best of companies
  • some of the processes that SME’s face challenges with are : performance management, project management, tasks trackers etc.

  • 5. Lack of Employee Collaboration
  • companies struggling to enhance employee participation and collaboration since there are no ways to do it, except for occasional efforts via notice board or emails
  • companies that have yet to realize the power of ideation through the employees – something that established MNC’s are doing extremely well, thereby enhancing overall participation and involvement

  • 6. Lack of Quick Management Reporting
  • companies which lack intelligent, customized automated processes to track daily essential business deliverables like sales function, marketing function, customer experience management, grievance addressable, ticket management etc.
  • companies which struggle to compile and collate information, documents when the time for audit sets in or when it is needed by leadership team
  • Companies which are dependent on few individuals to run the entire show and take substantial toll on mid/junior employees to get relevant information to management at the time needed, in the form needed and in the quality needed.

Challenges B-Sage can address

  • 1) Multiple dashboards across various functions makes it easy and quick to retrieve any kind of information that might be needed by auditors, management, new Joinee, vendors or stakeholders
  • 2) Industry best practices across key functions are deployed with BSage, this helps to elevate professionalism that matters.
  • 3) BSage can be accessed on various digital devices. It is hosted on cloud. It is location neutral. This brings your entire office on your mobile phone or digital device.
  • 4) BSage drastically reduces your costs incurred in running your operations. There are real costs and there are opportunity costs. Both are well addressed by BSage.
  • 5) Productivity enhancement and quick turnaround time has always remain a challenge in SMEs and MNCs alike. BSage helps address this efficiently.
  • 6) BSage gives a unified view of customer related information that immensely helps in improving customer satisfaction when you deal with your customers.
  • 7) BSage is the ideal platform for making your company future ready. This is the digital transformation platform you need for your company.

Why deploy B-Sage

  • 1) SME’s who are looking to streamline sales management, manage their partners sales and targets, improve collaboration within office, enhance team work, minimize daily errors & re-works, improve office productivity, deploy best practices in human resource, automate key functions and get regular analytics about how the company is progressing.
  • 2) SME’s who are tech savvy and have the vision to transform to a Digital Enterprise in next 5/6 years
  • 3) SME’s who would like to have customization options open depending upon their unique business needs
  • 4) SME’s who would like to engage and deal with locally available trusted partners

Technical details

  • 1) Dedicated SAAS for individual clients
  • 2) Hosted on Amazon Web Server – world’s most secured, flexible and cost effective
  • 3) Developed in highly acclaimed & popular LAMP STACK
  • 4) Secured and dedicated data zones for individual clients
  • 5) Minimum of 7 days and Maximum of 30 days deployment timeline

What ROI benefits could you expect

Its Simple. B-Sage makes your company future ready. Every company will eventually move to integrated workflows sooner or later. That is powerful way to run the business. B-Sage is simply a hundred times more structured way of running your office than on simple emails. So, the ROI is self explanatory.